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EMS PCB Assembly

We can offer SMD and THT PCB assembly services with ROHS (Lead-free ) and Non-ROHS (leaded) technology , with two completely separated SMT and THT assembly lines!SMT assemby example

We can offer to our customers assembling of electronic circuits on our compeletely separated lines.

Our separated SMT production lines for mounting of electronic components are based on the latest generation of equipment and our machines have the capacity of 30,000 components per hour, what secures that our production runs efficiently and smoothly.

Depending on the intended use of the product, we are able to perform soldering with ROHS and non ROHS-alloys, how on the SMT lines, and so on the THT lines for wave soldering.

We are also able to offer value-added services, such as temperature-aging products in the chamber, Bourn-In testing devices -40 ° C / + 80 ° C, programming, testing, and packaging of products.
SMD MICRO ELECTRONIKA has assembled products for:
-The Military sector -Automotive sector -Industrial sector -Telecommunication sector-Consumer sector

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