Company`s history

The family business was founded by Mr.Ivan Patačić back in 1993, after thirty years of experience in the manufacture of military equipment and the final products control.

-1993. Establishment of craft

-1994. Moving to larger premises

-1996. The first SMD line in Croatia in a private company

-1997. Wave soldering machine for lead alloy

-2001. Expansion of production space

-2002. Expansion of office space

-2004. New SMD machine, and starting with the EMS services for different customers (Samsung CP40-CV)

-2006. The first AOI machine inspection in Croatia (SAKI BF18D-N40)

-2008. New SMD machine for medium to large series (Samsung CP-45FV Neo)

-2008. New stencil printer (DEK 248 VISION)

-2011. New reeflow with 7 zones (Heller 1707 MKIII)

-2012. New service Lead-free wave soldering (ERSA ESV250C)

-2016. New inline automatic stencil printer with paste inspection Ekra X4SI

-2016. Aditional SMD machine for medium and large series (Samsung CP-45FV Neo)

-2019. New pick&place machine- Samsung Hanwha SM482+

(double the speed and improved accuracy comparing to the previous generation)

-2020. New 3D AOI Automatic Optical Inspection (Inline Parmi Xceed)