Capital Equipment Investment 3D AOI

We inform our Customers that we have Purchased new 3D AOI Inspection machine. We expecting arrival of the equipment during the First quartal of 2020 !
Capital Equipment Investment 3D AOI

SMD MICRO ELEKTRONIKA, a Croatia based EMS manufacturer and assembler of circuit boards is publishing that had recently made Purchase order for capital equipment investment into our EMS assembly and inspection area.

Investment include PARMI Xceed 3D AOI PCBA Inspection machine.
Investment will do a great deal to improve our inspection speed and quality of assembled PCB boards.

During this year, we had made several tests on assembled boards, and batches.Our operators were amazed with the ease of programming and test results.After the numerous tests, it was obvious that this machine was a great choice for replacing our still running tabletop AOI system

As our customers move to the miniaturization and high density-high complex boards PARMI XCEED 3D AOI machine will ensure additional customers control requirements.As a part of our intention that our EMS should moved in a direction of additional Technological advancement and equipment renewal, we will continue to push new technology and equipment in the near future.

director,Tomislav Patacic