Capital Equipement investment

We are informing our Customers about recently purchased equipment.
Capital Equipement investment

SMD MICRO ELEKTRONIKA, a Croatia based EMS manufacturer and assembler of circuit boards is publishing that had recently made several capital equipment investments into our EMS assembly area including aditional:
Samsung CP45 Neo Pick&Place machine and a Ekra X4 SI Automatic Stencil Printing machine.
Thouse purchases are part of our continued effort for expanding our capabilities and meeting the customer requirements.

Both of these investments will do a great deal to improve our assembly speed and quality .
Our custommers has started to expect faster deliveries and with one aditional Pick&Place we can ensure their requirments.
EKRA X4 SI will contribute to our quality since we have saw that our Custommers are moving their assemblies in a direction of smaller components with higher density.
This printer also has 2.5D paste inspection which will move our assemblies ahead to a higher quality.

With thouse investment we are only partly realizing our plan.
In the 2017 we are expecting aditional investment in the AOI and P&P equipement,
as a part of our intention that our EMS should moved in a direction of aditional Technological advancement and equipement renewal .
director Tomislav Patačić